Zoom Timetable


Dear Parent

It is with heavy hearts and contrary to our original plans that Central has decided to continue with Zoom classes until Easter.

The government announced schools might possibly return on the 8th March. However this may not be all schools in all areas or indeed not all school years.

Sadly there is no clear guidance regarding Dance studios therefore taking everything into consideration we feel the decision to remain online, although not ideal, will be the clearest and safest way forward.

The present timetable will continue until then.

Thanking you in advance for continuing to support Central until we can return to the studios.


Hazel Smith and Nicola Taylor
Central School of Dance & Drama

We have issued invoices for the 5 weeks after half term but would ask that If you are unable to take part we would really appreciate your telling us as soon as possible. Payment for the class/classes listed on your invoice, that you wish to attend, is required prior to us sending you an invitation (by email) to attend class. This link will be sent once payment is received but not until a day or two before the classes start. Please do not contact us regarding your link unless you have not received it by the day before your class is due to start.

To register use the link provided in the invitation email. This registration will be valid for 5 weeks.

Terms & Conditions

1) By signing up for Central’s Virtual Classes you agree that to the best of your knowledge that your child(ren) is/are fit and healthy and can take part in the relevant class.

2) Central will not be held responsible for any damage to personal property or personal injury while participating in these online classes. Students must have space around them to dance/move.

3) Participants should be dressed appropriately.

4) In line with data protection, do not upload any images that contain other pupils onto to the internet. This will result in removal from all future virtual classes with no refund given.

5) There is no refund for any class you choose not to attend or if your internet/device fails to connect to.

For further information: admin@centralschoolofdance.co.uk

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